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Coco Surf Lombok has a new shop!

Coco Surf Lombok has a new shop!

Coco has been working hard to build a new shop, post covid! Check our location on Google Maps - next to Jivana hotel.

Covid was a hard time for everyone. We lost our shop, and jobs. Some staff went to work on the farms, and some worked in hospitality or building, getting paid very little. But we are thankful things are getting back to normal. We are so happy to see all our friends and family being able to travel once again!

Here is a snippet of the rebuilding of the new surf shop, with Coco and his family.

We provide surf lessons, guiding, board rental and also have some new Tshirts, to come check out

Times were tough but we pulled through and have big plans ahead, so stay tuned!

Send us an email to book

Or come by and visit us anytime! :)

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