CoCosurflombok Surfing in Kuta Lombok

CoCosurfLombok is a Surf Shop based in Kuta, Lombok. Owned by a local, named CoCo, born and raised in Kuta village. 

Coco and his friends are your average local Kuta, Lombok boys. They taught themselves to surf as kids using a plank of wood and grew up surfing all the local surf spots in the area. CoCo worked as a surf teacher and guider for years, dreaming of having his own surf shop one day.

In August 2017 he opened the shop and hand picked the other surf instructors he had grown up with.

Surfing is simply everything, they eat, sleep and breath surfing, and now have put that knowledge together to help share their home and culture with others.

CoCosurfLombok has a very relaxed and happy local vibe, yet it is run professionally to give you the best experience surfing as well as showing you their local lifestyle.

Essentially it is a surf school run buy local experts, with talented instructors, driven by watching people improve and love surfing.

CoCo Surf Shop provides:

-Surf Lessons for beginner/ intermediate surfers.

-Surf Guiding for advanced surfers that need guiding to local spots. 

-Surf board renting

-Ding repair

-Clothing & Jewellery

-Surf photography.

We also organise airport pick up/drop off and trips around Lombok, there are a range of places to see and fun things to do.


See you soon!