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  • Where is Lombok?
    Lombok is in Indonesia, it is the island to the right of Bali. We are located down the south of the Lombok island, in the city called Kuta.
  • How do I get there?
    You can take a short 30min flight from Bali Denpasar airport to LOP lombok airport. Then Lombok airport is only 20 minutes drive from CoCosurfLombok. You can also take a boat from Bali or the Gilli Islands.
  • Do I need a visa?
    For EU and Australian citizens, you get a free 30 day tourist visa on arrival, into Indonesia.
  • What currency do you use in Indonesia? Where do i get it?
    Indonesian Rupiah is the currency here in Lombok, almost everywhere in Kuta still takes cash, so there are many ATMs in Kuta,Lombok to get cash out.
  • What language do you speak in Lombok.
    In Lombok the language is called Sasak, this is soley spoken in Lombok, but Bahasa Indonesian is the language spoken all over indonesia and they can also speak this in Lombok.
  • How is the internet in Lombok?
    The internet is pretty good in Lombok, and you can find wifi almost everywhere including our CoCosurfLombok surf shop. Occasionally Lombok can have power cuts, but not too often.
  • What is the surf and the weather like and when is the best time to come?
    There are a range of surf sports to fit different levels, from beginner, to intermidiate and advanced. The weather is always hot, we're talking in the 30 degrees. Dry season runs aprox from May to September and wet season October to April. But all year long is great for surfing, there are no specific months.
  • What time does the surf lesson start?
    The time we go for the surfing lesson depends daily on the tides, we have to make sure we go to the surf spot at the correct tide and as the tides change everyday, we can only tell you the time to meet the day before, but it is usually in the morning between 8am - 10am that we will meet at the shop for the surf lesson. We will always inform you by email or whatsapp the day before of what time to meet us for the lesson.
  • What should i bring on a surfing lesson?
    We provide the transport, surf board, and rashvest for all lessons and guiding. Be sure to bring swim stuff, suncream/zinc as the sun is very strong (main areas - face and back of legs/bum, towel or sarong, girls may find shorts comfortable as bikinis can tend to come off when getting washed in the water. Dont forget a little money if you want to buy lunch or a snack/drink at the beach.
  • How do we get to the surf spot?
    The spots are between 10-25 minutes drive away. We take you by scooter or car, depending on the group size. If you would prefer to go by car, there may be an additional charge if there are not enough people to share the car, just check when booking.
  • Is there anywhere to leave our stuff?
    Yes, for the beginner lesson, you can leave your bags with the owners of the restaurant on the beach, for second level we go by boat, you can either take your things on the boat or leave them with the owners of the restaurant at the beach.
  • How long does the day last?
    We usually start 8am-10am, meeting point at CoCosurfLombok surf shop, shortly after we will make our way to the surf spot, this will take 10-30 minutes, then some theory on the beach and preparation. The lesson is 2.5 hours long and then we head back usually in the early afternoon between 1pm-3pm.
  • When do you pay?
    Payment is in cash, we take a deposite when booking then the rest you can pay after the lesson.
  • Can I pay by card?
    Unfortunatley we do not take card, only Indonesian Rupiah in cash, there are many atms around if you need.
  • Do we get to keep the rashvest?
    No, unfortunately not, but you can purchase one of them in our CoCosurflombok surf shop.
  • How much is it to rent a surf board?
    Surf board rental is 50k per day :)
  • What if it rains?
    We still go surfing even if it's raining, as long as there is no thunder and lightening.
  • How many people in the surf lesson group?
    This depends daily on how many people have booked, it can be a group size from 1-10 although we never have anymore than 2 students per 1 teacher.
  • What size boards do you have to rent?
    We have a big range of surf boards for rent, from 5.6 to 9.0
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